Questions About Multiple Quantities

NOTED: Since our campaign on Kickstarter has finished, the best price is not as below any more. However, we still keep a promotion code for our backs from Kickstarter. Backers, if you want to order more bands,  please contact us  to get the code. Thank you for your support!

Dear backers,
Since we have received many requests on multiple quantity of haloband, we want to share more rewards with you.
According to kickstarter’s guide, one can only pick one reward in one project. However, if you want more bands, you can pledge more in your reward level. We suggest you pledge such amount to get more bands as following suggestion:


Shipping cost:  Free to US,  Add $5 USD to ship outside the US.  Multiple quantity doesn’t require additional shipping fee. For example, Never Alone to UK,  46+5=51.

For First Guest Backers: Add $23 for another one or pledge the amount as suggested to get multiple ones, if not black M size one and ship outside the US , add another shipping cost $5, since to ship twice.

For Kickstarter Edition & You Named It Backers: Add $24 for another one (Basic & Rainbow), or pledge the amount as suggested to get multiple ones.


If  there is any problem, you can write to us through KS message or email:

happy holidays and

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